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Beyond immutability:

5 must-have levels of cyber resilience for the AI era

94% of IT leaders rely on immutable storage to protect their data. But is immutability enough to fight evolving threats like AI-fueled ransomware? In short, no.

Most “immutable” solutions have vulnerabilities that can be exploited — and even the strongest form of immutability can’t stop data exfiltration, which is now involved in a staggering 91% of cyberattacks.

A new threatscape demands a new, more robust standard of protection — it demands end-to-end cyber resilience.

Download the guide to learn about:

  • How artificial intelligence is reshaping adversary tradecraft
  • Why most “immutable” systems don’t live up to their promise
  • Shortcomings of data immutability (that no one’s talking about)
  • Why and how your backup storage solution must enable end-to-end cyber resilience

How cyber resilient are you really?

Take the risk assessment to test your solution’s ransomware readiness.

The threatscape is evolving.

Shouldn’t your strategy?

Paul Speciale

Paul Speciale

CMO, Scality

Scott Sinclair

Scott Sinclair

Practice Director, Infrastructure & Modernization, Enterprise Strategy Group


Beyond immutability:

Why ransomware protection in data storage must evolve

Tune in as ESG’s Scott Sinclair and Scality’s Paul Speciale reveal:
  • How AI-fueled cyberattacks are changing the game
  • How data exfiltration is shifting the ransomware threat — and how the right backup solution can help (it’s not all about production data!)
  • Why the storage industry must move beyond immutability toward CORE5, a new standard of end-to-end cyber resilience
  • What to look for in a backup solution to ensure you’re protected from the widest possible range of threats

Only one solution enables end-to-end cyber resilience.



6 reasons why ARTESCA is the best storage for Veeam

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ARTESCA is the only backup storage solution that enables end-to-end cyber resilience with unbreakable data protection at every level of the system — from API to architecture.

Learn why Scality — the #1 Gartner-ranked object store for backup — is the only vendor worthy of defending your precious Veeam data.

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Unbreakable ransomware protection made simple

Together, Scality ARTESCA and Veeam form an unbreakable last line of defense against the cyber threats of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

See how it all works and start your 30-day trial — no strings attached.

  • Seamless integration with support for Veeam’s full feature set
  • True immutability + CORE5 cyber-resilience capabilities for unbreakable ransomware protection
  • Easy deployment as a hardware, software or virtual appliance — your choice
  • ARTESCA’s Veeam Assistant assures fast and foolproof configuration
  • Affordable and predictable — annual subscriptions start at under $4k

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Go beyond immutable. Become unbreakable. It’s surprisingly simple.

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ARTESCA is built by Scality, the global leader in cyber-resilient storage for the AI era. Recognized as an 8-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader and trusted by 500+ enterprises across the globe with 700M+ users, Scality solves organizations’ biggest data storage challenges: security, performance, and cost.

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