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Resilience is a choice. Ransomware is not.

Backup to the best.

Scality ARTESCA is simple and secure S3 object storage software that seamlessly integrates with Veeam for immutable, ransomware-proof backups.

Your current solution may be immutable, but is it unbreakable?

Immutability has become a cornerstone of cybersecurity. But in the era of AI-powered ransomware, it’s no longer enough.

To protect your data against increasingly sophisticated threats, your solution must meet a new standard of protection.



of organizations were hit by ransomware at least once in the past year*


of cyber attacks actively target backup storage to force ransom payments**


of attacks succeed in debilitating their victims’ ability to recover**

* Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2023
** Veeam Ransomware Protection Trends Report 2023

Enter Scality ARTESCA.

It’s the only S3 object storage software designed to provide the strongest form of data immutability plus 5 levels of end-to-end cyber resilience.

The result? Unbreakable ransomware protection for Veeam Data Platform.


1 solution. 5 levels of cyber resilience.

Looking to bounce forward fast in the face of any threat?

Scality ARTESCA is the only backup storage solution that enables end-to-end cyber resilience with unbreakable data protection at every level of the system — from API to architecture.


By mimicking application commands, ransomware attackers attempt to encrypt, modify, or delete stored backups.

ARTESCA stops these attacks in their tracks with support for S3 Object Locking APIs, ensuring backups are immutable the instant they’re created.

  • Amazon S3 object locking immutability with configurable data retention policies and compliance mode
  • Veeam v12 “Direct to object” backups and Smart Object Storage API (SOSAPI) support, plus automated enforcement of validated IAM access control policies

Data-level resilience

While application-level immutability provides powerful defense against ransomware, it can’t prevent data exfiltration attacks or other malicious access on the network or by unauthorized admins.

ARTESCA thwarts would-be attackers with advanced data-at-rest encryption, user authentication, secure connections and more.


  • Secure HTTPS/TLS S3 termination and AES 256-bit data encryption-at-rest
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure UI logins, plus automated firewall rules on deployment

Storage-level resilience

If attackers can’t defeat higher-level defenses, they may attempt to penetrate the system below the API layer in order to modify data on the physical disk drives themselves.

With ARTESCA, the success of these low-level attacks is virtually impossible thanks to distributed erasure coding technology that renders data indecipherable.

  • Data is encoded and spread across the cluster, impeding an attacker’s ability to extract meaningful data
  • Metadata in secure repository on intrinsically immutable object storage layer
  • Scale-out from 50TB to multi-petabytes with dual-level data protection for up to 11 nines of durability

Geographic-level resilience

Data stored in a single location is particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Even air-gapped systems can be breached by attackers with unauthorized physical access, or destroyed by fires, flooding, or other natural disasters.

To eliminate the risks of single-site backup storage, ARTESCA employs replication for mirroring of data across data centers — and enables easy multi-site deployment for application-managed replication.


  • Deploy ARTESCA in remote locations for immutable offsite storage to eliminate the “all data in one place” problem

Architecture-level resilience

Storage solutions designed before the ransomware era can be defeated by attacks below the API, network and administrative layers.

ARTESCA is a true object storage solution that’s intrinsically immutable right down to the core architecture layer, meaning data is always preserved in its original form once stored. A security-hardened operating system mitigates the impact of common vulnerabilities and exposures.

  • Integrated Linux operating system precludes root access and reduces exposure to CVEs

Get secure.

Designed according to zero-trust principles, ARTESCA’s end-to-end cyber resilience ensure your data stays safe — no matter what.

scale out. restore fast. lower tco.

Be efficient.

ARTESCA enables quick, accessible data backup and monitoring, helping you gain insights to optimize performance, make informed decisions, and decrease costs.

install fast. manage easily.

Go simple.

No other solution delivers ARTESCA-level protection and seamless interoperability with Veeam, plus hassle-free installation, configuration and management — no deep storage or Linux expertise required.

Deploy ARTESCA your way.

Love the idea of fast, anyone-can-do-it deployment? So do we.
Choose the best fit for your needs and environment.


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“Scality ARTESCA represents an evolution for object storage that is meeting new and differing demands.”

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“ARTESCA is a need-of-the-hour product that addresses the challenges of cyber resiliency, ransomware protection, and storage scalability.”

2023 Judging Committee

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