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ARTESCA: Turnkey hardware appliance for Veeam


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Beyond immutability:

5 must-have levels of cyber resilience for the AI era

94% of IT leaders rely on immutable storage to protect their data. But is immutability enough to fight evolving threats like AI-fueled ransomware? In short, no.

Most “immutable” solutions have vulnerabilities that can be exploited — and even the strongest form of immutability can’t stop data exfiltration, which is now involved in a staggering 91% of cyberattacks.

A new threatscape demands a new, more robust standard of protection — it demands end-to-end cyber resilience.

Download the guide to learn about:

  • How artificial intelligence is reshaping adversary tradecraft
  • Why most “immutable” systems don’t live up to their promise
  • Shortcomings of data immutability (that no one’s talking about)
  • Why and how your backup storage solution must enable end-to-end cyber resilience


See ARTESCA in action

Get a close-up view of how ARTESCA’s intuitive UI provides simple, comprehensive control of data. Plus, Veeam Assistant — a unique built-in tool that enables quick and easy configuration of ARTESCA as a ransomware-proof target for Veeam.
Meet the hardware appliance

ARTESCA for Veeam

Looking for maximum security, performance, and simplicity?
Our hardware appliance was purpose-built to deliver.

The result? Unbreakable ransomware protection for Veeam Data Platform — no expertise required.