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EMEA I France

Naitways is an ISO 27001-certified French cloud and network operator, with cloud platforms located in the Paris and Lyon regions.

Founded in 2008, Naitways supports over 250 French SMEs and ETIs in the outsourcing of their end-to-end IT infrastructures (Palais des Thés, Eurowatt, OPCO2i, etc.), as well as large corporations (Bouygues Construction, Toyota, TF1, etc.) in cloud projects, cybersecurity, data backup, DRP, etc.

Naitways has recently developed specific expertise in connectivity and IT security for intelligent buildings, and counts companies such as Covivio, Chateauform’ and Wojo among its customers.

Naitways is acclaimed for its ability to provide tailor-made solutions that guarantee the availability and security of critical data, for the robustness and high security of its sovereign cloud, and for the commitment, proximity and high level of expertise of its teams.

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