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VanRoey | EuroSys

EMEA I Belgium

VanRoey | EuroSys, a rapidly expanding Managed ICT-provider with 250+ staff across 5 locations, has thrived for nearly 30 years. Headquartered in a climate-neutral building in Turnhout named Kempus, we also operate in Houthalen, Geel, Antwerp, and Mechelen.

We aid businesses in digital transformation, ensuring they stay ahead by resolving operational issues, establishing (cloud) infrastructure, and ensuring optimal security. Thousands trust our certified experts to design, implement, and secure intricate cloud architectures and enhance collaboration.

Our Geel Experience Center wall reads, “Technology is best when it brings people together.” This embodies our approach, fostering open-minded discussions between specialists and clients. Only by understanding challenges can we offer effective solutions.

Our trust-based approach has been successful for years, amassing a vast clientele in both private and public sectors. This growth led to our investment in the eco-friendly Kempus building in Turnhout, from where we continue to expand our ‘Great Place To Work’-certified organization sustainably.

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